A Message From Mayor Arceo

Ugyon Hinigaranon!

In our quest to provide constituents with service that does not count the seconds of bureaucracy, but one that allows us to be available 24/7, so as to enable us to deliver the promise of a new and better governance, where transparency can be expected, and access to information is at the fingertips of every concerned resident, we have taken the huge leap and have brought to you this online portal that will serve as an extension of our office.

This website will be a means to disseminate crucial information that is of paramount concern for every resident of Hinigaran. Time sensitive information like weather, emergencies, and other important updates concerning the town can readily be accessed here. In addition, investors will have the chance to catch a glimpse of investment opportunities right at the heart of Hinigaran. With quick access to such information, time, effort and money are saved.

So as you become more curious as to what Hinigaran can offer, please give me this honor of welcoming you to our humble town. Explore, visit, feed your mind and soul with the radiant spirit of our lovely town – Hinigaran!

To God be the glory!

Hinigaran Municipal Hall

Negros South Road

Hinigaran Negros Occidental 6106

Email: info@hinigaran.gov.ph

Phone: +63 34 391 7715 | +63 34 391 7495


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